Business Strategy

Business Strategy

In a crowded IT market, Octopian is a unique company.  We are not simply a global leader in the supply and delivery of IT and telecom infrastructures and support services. We go beyond industry norms. Octopian and its partners are able to take your business model and successfully standardise it – allowing it to be uniformly deployed anywhere in the world, under a single contract.

The Octopian ethos is to take the complexity out of IT – to turn the seemingly impractical and impossible into streamlined efficiency that gives customers lasting benefits on a global scale. We want our customers to see us not only as a dedicated global IT service provider. Effectively, Octopian becomes your global ally – the partner who passes on unrivalled experience, knowledge, and expertise.

Our customers expect – and receive – one-on-one specialised care and unique solutions to the most diverse international market challenges. Indeed, our services even stretch to anticipating client needs, identifying and remedying potential problems before they become real-time issues.

At Octopian, we seek to work with companies, rather than for them. We partner with businesses that share our values and understand that by working together we can achieve better performance and better efficiency, resulting in improved overall satisfaction for our clients and their customers.

We have built our business with an ingrained entrepreneurial attitude. We do not follow, we lead. The privately-owned, shareholder-free nature of our business structure means that we are able to be more focused and strategic in our insights and decision-making. Our growth never comes at the expensive of service and quality. This ‘client-first’ ethos is reflected throughout our international staff base and is a cornerstone of our success.