Octopian Security, a specialized entity within Octopian Global Services, leads the expansion strategy into the crisis, disaster, and emergency management domain. Specializing in security products and services, we serve as the central automation hub for risk quantification and the core orchestrator for threat intelligence capabilities. These empower and support security executives, practitioners, threat intelligence teams, security operations, and incident response teams by providing a unified source of truth.

The innovative "Octopian Enterprise Architecture Based Risk Modelling (OEABRM) Framework" has been developed strategically to infuse risk-based thinking into business decision-making. This framework aids in achieving desired business outcomes, aligning technology with business objectives, prioritizing initiatives, and effectively communicating the value that technology brings to the business. Octopian Security seamlessly combines cutting-edge security features with a business-oriented approach, lightening the load for your team and enabling them to focus on what truly matters for the organization.

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