RAKAMIX, as an innovator in the tech industry, is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions for e-commerce and enhancing government services. In the dynamic world of technology and changing consumer behaviours, our mission revolves around optimizing the delivery of products and services to the doorsteps of citizens, particularly in densely populated and remote areas.

This is where our innovative solutions step in, catering to a wide range of needs, from e-commerce deliveries to essential government documents.

The idea of Smart Delivery Centers was born out of this necessity. These centers are intelligent lockers, connected to the internet and equipped with electronic payment capabilities. They serve as a secure and convenient storage solutions for personal items and government documents over a specified time frame. Citizens can select the nearest Smart Delivery Center for their deliveries and receive a unique access code through notifications. With centers operation seven days a week, customers can access their belongings at their convenience.

Smart Delivery Centers go beyond just storage; they also enable payments for digital government services and product purchases. Equipped with national ID card readers and cameras, they ensure the recipient’s identity. Access is granted through a password sent to the customer’s registered ID. These centers are strategically suited in areas with high foot traffic, including metro, train, and bus stations, shopping centers, and social clubs.

This pioneering network of Smart Delivery Centers aligns with government services and electronic payment systems. It represents a significant stride towards digital transformation and inclusion, making government services more accessible and secure for citizens throughout the nation.

The benefits of this system extend far beyond government services, benefiting start-ups, international corporations, e-commerce enterprises, entrepreneurs, and the logistics sector. It also offers a secure and efficient way to obtain government certificates and documents, contributing to the global initiatives in digital transformation, inclusion, digitalization, facilitation, and safety across various sectors.

RAKAMIX remains steadfast in its commitment to shaping the future of technology and government services across the globe, simplifying, and enhancing the lives of its citizens and businesses alike.