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SD WAN Solutions

SD-WAN as a Buzz word used by almost all IT network providers in the last few  years .
The way Octopian look at SD-WAN is beyond the technical details of Network infrastructure . We analyze SD-WAN by business goals and productivity optimizations assessing its effect on revenue , expenditure and budgets 
Providing integrated solution beyond brands and complex technical details ,  wither through consultancy , Deployment or Managed services , we can position SW-WAN  multiple manufacturer names  to deliver layer 1 to Layer 7 Application and connectivity  assurances to our enterprise customers specially over international WAN links.
Through Hybrid WAN setup  , a much Cheaper DSL Connectivity now can be offered with SLA over boundaries of geographical areas and local operators Limits.
SD WAN Solutions

Solution Overview

The relentless pace of growth in the IT sector requires all companies to maintain agility and flexibility, allowing them to grow in tandem with the market. Supporting and maintaining growth in secure data storage as well as wide area network (WAN) infrastructures is particularly challenging.

In this context, Octopian offers real-time site-per-site WAN optimisation, increasing the data-transfer efficiencies necessary to meet the data versus bandwidth challenge. Octopian is able to replicate and back-up data, synchronising storage devices in multiple data centres. Timely completion of this process is critical in maintaining service level agreements and regulatory compliance.

Octopian’s uses ‘traffic footprint reduction’ techniques – such as network de-duplication and compression – to reduce the volume of data that must be sent across the WAN, moving all required data offsite promptly and accurately.

Further innovations apply to optimisation and support of Quality of Service (QoS) enforcement – thus providing better service to selected network traffic over a range of platforms; hybrid WAN solutions that use multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) data-carrying for high-performance telecommunications networks; and internet links per site simultaneously and dynamic WAN selection

Optimised WAN technologies not only enhance efficiency; they also achieve significant savings in corporate WAN costs. 

Use Cases

SD WAN Solutions

Hybrid WAN

To lead your IT transformations, you are frequently required to amplify your WAN bandwidth, increase service availability and improve agility. You may find that your WAN links are becoming rapidly overwhelmed, since a lot of new IT service and application transactions are rising from users to data centers, the Internet and the cloud. In such a context, your WAN can quickly become a blocker to the success of your digital transformations. With Innovative Solutions, Octopian will help you to fully realize the promises of your Hybrid WAN by empowering IT organizations to dynamically orchestrate all hybrid links – MPLS and direct Internet – from a single, “all-in-one” solution.