IT Global Services

Global Service Management

SLA-based support

Service-level agreement (SLA) is how service providers maintain the highest standards of customer care, no matter where in the world that customer may be. An SLA is an official agreement between the service provider and the customer and clearly defines deliverables and reasonable expectations of service and quality. The SLA underscores the contract between you and your end-user. Octopian offers support for our customers and our clients on the ground through our SLA based support. We have multiple contracts for multiple SLA-based models internationally which include application for the aviation, telecoms, retail, and manufacturing industries or any multinational with global footprint. We also offer real-time SLA support benefiting the client and end-user alike.  

Reactive, ITIL-based support

Octopian’s 24/7, ITIL-based  end-to-end service management allows a company to precisely bring IT services into alignment for maximum efficiency. Because of the global nature of our business, we can ensure a unified quality of services, as the majority of our team on the ground are ITIL certified. By implementing reactive, IT-based support across four levels of input (0-3), Octopian can help your company manage data and information flow for the benefit of your customers. Strategically  Located service Desks  , NOC facilities can support different types of SLA's that can go up to 30 Minutes resolution time when needed .

Incident  management  system can accommodate different business models. wither its a dedicated resource , Ticket-based on model , or hourly charge approach, all  will be governed by  seemly transitioned  FollowThe Sun service  desk  and Service management account team 

Proactive support model

Octopian’s proactive support model is a key differentiator within the IT industry. This model is what makes us an industry leader, and give your business crucial decision- making agility. The proactive support model gives clients maximum oversight, flexibility, and reactivity when managing entire IT ecosystems, allowing for each and every element of business to be managed directly and proactively, either by the client, or by Octopian on the client’s behalf.

Through our unique offering of proactive IT management tools along with our support model , with different tools  handling both Network and End-User devices infrastructure we can predict tendency  to incidents and resolve it  before it takes place. our  promise is to reduce customer's number of incidents ticket. clients using this system can receive Octopian’s active support daily. The tools provided audit the customer experience, through proactive analysis data and customer feedback detecting problems and managing their resolution before they can impact your business. 

Additionally supported global IT services

    • Field service engineers
    • NOC/SOC (network operations centre/server operations centre) with 24/7 capability
    • Global IT project management which allows international project deployment through centralised systems and contracts
    • Global implementation services
    • Remote facilities management for POP maintenance, air conditioning and cooling systems, and power management

    Supported Components