Specialized Solutions


Octo Solutions Technologies "​ Octo Solutions "​. a regional organization and specialized existing entity re-branded by Octopian Global Services  that provides advanced and global standard in enterprise Real-time Infrastructure solutions and manufacturing systems, on-demand custom applications for different industrial sectors and critical facilities as well.

Octo Solutions  provides the most complete and accurate information, making it easy for users of the team to access, share, and act on important tasks in real-time. Provider engagement is increased, efficiency is optimized. Stopping forecasting & improving decision-making while also driving revenue, decreasing costs and meeting compliance.

Octo Solutions staff has years of experience and a dedicated team of experts. Hence, it has very good relations with best-known & high valued clients in many industrial sectors. The company continues to work with industry leaders and deploy solutions to most industrial sectors. We offer a complete & harmonized solution ranging from data/events acquisition to collaborative business decision making. Like, Chemical & Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Utilities, power & energy, Mining, Life Sciences & Data Centers, Food & Beverage, and other Industrial Processes and Critical Facilities.

Smart Process & Operation Management Solutions "SPOMS"

SPOMS is Octo Solutions & Octopian's innovative, first of its kind, real-time open software infrastructure & business process management solution – based operations and businesses interaction platform that involves state-of-the-art technologies and systems as Infrastructure for contextualization, consolidation and centralization of sensor based data and business data.

It's open software infrastructure (technologies & Systems) to connect sensor-based data, operations and people to enable real-time operational intelligence, business intelligence, situational awareness, enterprise-wide visibility, actionable information. 

It's entirely based on a set of state-of-the-art and leading edge real time technologies and solutions to delivers the standard and single platform in enterprise real-time infrastructure, for management of real-time data and events improves our clients’ efficiency and productivity. Thus; it's a real-time software infrastructure platform that improves industrial, utilities and critical facilities’ efficiency and productivity.

It's monitor your equipment fleet, alerting you and your team to critical events and performance indicators. Monitors and analyses incoming streams of data to anticipate and respond to leading indicators of failure before they turn into problems. 

It's act as a watchdog, keeping an eye on data as it flows in, detecting the anomalies that indicate a potential problem, and reacting to the information as your team sees fit. Consolidates data from historian and real time data archives, and then uses functions to analyse and report to you the events you specify. Allows you to have an up to date picture of changing conditions throughout your fleet of monitored assets. And enables you to anticipate problems before they materialize. This ability to anticipate and avoid costly failures is an invaluable tool in your asset management toolbox.


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