The Octopian DNA-Based framework is uniquely developed to capitalize on Enterprise Architect Frameworks in the construction of Cybersecurity Programs for various sectors, including the Commercial Sector, National Security, and Smart Cities.

This framework assists National Cybersecurity Agencies and Centers in the establishment and operation of National Cybersecurity Governance Programs. The goal is to enhance the National Cybersecurity Maturity Index and seamlessly integrate National Digital Transformation Programs with National Cybersecurity initiatives.

To gain comprehensive insights into the DNA of every engaged organization, the Octopian Pyramid and Octopian DNA-Based Risk Framework are employed. These tools evaluate different organizational structures, identify potential security enhancements, and uncover opportunities for digital optimization and transformation.

Instead of traditional Qualitative Risk Management, the approach includes Cybersecurity Risk Quantification, enabling partners and customers to create optimal cybersecurity insurance policies to transfer unmitigated risks to insurance providers.

The focus extends to Business and Information Security, emphasizing the identification of business risks over technology risks. This approach translates cybersecurity risks into quantified, monetized values for clear comprehension by business leaders and board members.

Leveraging the distinctive Octopian Cybersecurity Maturity Model, assistance is provided to customers and partners in formulating strategic and operational roadmaps to elevate the Cybersecurity Maturity Index.

Support extends to the Accademia sector in developing Cybersecurity Academic Programs essential for enhancing the nation’s Cybersecurity Maturity Index.

Efforts encompass National and Enterprise levels, with the development of the National Cybersecurity Framework of Jordan, distinguished by its risk-based approach, setting it apart from the control-based frameworks widely adopted globally.