The Vulnerability Operations Center (VOC) offers a holistic perspective beyond conventional vulnerability identification. It operates in two distinct modes:

- Managed VOC and SOC Services: In this approach, the management of the VOC and SOC functions is entrusted to external experts. These services are conducted within premises based on a defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) and utilize resources provided by the service provider.
- Dedicated VOC and SOC Set-Up Operation: Alternatively, the organization establishes and operates its own VOC and SOC, right within its premises. This approach reflects the commitment to a hands-on approach in managing cybersecurity operations internally.




The VOC serves as a collaborative nerve center, bringing together a diverse community of cybersecurity professionals, including CISOs, ethical hackers, developers, and security teams. This collaborative effort is vital in swiftly addressing cybersecurity challenges and fortifying the organization’s defenses.
Within the VOC, a spectrum of security operations takes place, encompassing Vulnerability Disclosure Programs (VDP), penetration testing, and bug bounty initiatives. By centralizing these efforts, organizations proactively safeguard digital assets and maintain a resilient cybersecurity posture.



The Security Operations Center (SOC) operates as the vigilant guardian of the digital realm. It serves as the hub for continuous cybersecurity monitoring, detection, and response to potential threats. The SOC operates round the clock, staffed by a diverse team of analysts, incident responders, and threat hunters.
Leveraging advanced technologies, threat intelligence feeds, and well-defined incident response protocols, the SOC provides real-time monitoring and threat assessment. It plays a pivotal role in enhancing the cybersecurity posture, minimizing the impact of breaches, and ensuring rapid recovery.
The SOC is indispensable in safeguarding digital assets and upholding business resilience. Committed to ensuring the security and continuity of digital operations, it remains a cornerstone of the cybersecurity strategy.