To enhance operational technology and industrial control system (OT/ICS) cybersecurity maturity, organizations can start by selecting a tailored Cybersecurity Framework that aligns with specific requirements. Initiate a comprehensive self-assessment process and deliver real-time metrics directly to senior leadership, providing a holistic view of the information technology and industrial ecosystem. Organizations can choose to delve into the intricacies by evaluating maturity and compliance levels at targeted sites, functions, and geographic locations. By implementing this approach, organizations ensure a well-informed cybersecurity strategy that is finely turned to an organization’s unique needs and risk profile.

- Self-Assessment: An initial comprehensive evaluation conducted internally to understand the current cybersecurity posture.
- Real-time Metrics Assessment: Providing ongoing, real-time data metrics to senior leadership for a holistic view of the IT and industrial ecosystem.
- Maturity Assessment: Evaluating the maturity levels of cybersecurity practices within an organization.
- Compliance Assessment: Assessing the compliance of the organization’s cybersecurity measures with relevant standards and regulations.
- Site-Specific Assessment: Evaluating cybersecurity at specific sites within the organization.
- Function-Specific Assessment: Focusing on assessing cybersecurity within specific functions or departments.
- Geographic Location Assessment: Evaluating the cybersecurity measures in place at different geographic locations.