Octopian offers prefabricated modular data centers, characterized by an ALL-IN-ONE module design that eliminates the need for external parts. The innovative modular integration methodology streamlines the global construction and design of data centers, boasting the following key features:

- Premium EU quality product deployable globally.
- Scalable solution ideal for colocation, network infrastructure, and government applications.
- Fast track deployment duration.
- Full prefabricated solution, configured and tested at the factory.
- Power skids, cooling, and battery storage efficiently delivered in prefabricated modules.
- Remove management, diagnostics, and configuration capabilities.
- Monitoring and control of all DC and POD modular products.
- Unified system monitoring and management of all technological systems.
- Local advanced visualization for monitoring and management.
- Easy service and replacement of individual blocks.
- Technology service support, including diagnostics.
- Optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) resulting in significant savings on CAPEX and OPEX for end-users.