Experience reliable power in grid failure or off-grid scenarios with the Electro-Hydrogen Generator. This pioneering solution ensures a quiet and sustainable power supply with zero C02 emissions and fine particles enabling green compliance codes.

Powered exclusively by hydrogen, the Electro-Hydrogen Generator incorporates the latest fuel cell technology for unparalleled reliability and an extended lifespan. Unlike diesel gensets that struggle to achieve maximum efficiency, Hydrogen Generators surpass 45% electrical efficiency across all loads.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the Electro-Hydrogen Generator features a user-friendly touch interface and offers remote control capability mobility which can be easily parallelized to meet specific power requirements.

Use-cases encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from the utilization of GH generators within mission-critical infrastructure, such as hospitals and data centers, aligning with green initiative mandates, to the implementation of proprietary EV solutions. These solutions leverage the benefits of Green Hydrogen in strategically positioned public services, contributing to sustainable energy practices.