Octopian offers the first and only one of a kind Electro-Hydrogen Smart EV Charging Solution solving the peak hour grid load challenge in addition to the classical EV optimized products. Our advanced system that goes beyond powering electric vehicles. Tailored for both personal and commercial use, this revolutionary charging solution integrates user-friendly features including cloud-based mobile app control, to simplify the charging experience and amplify its functionalities.

- A nationwide alternative to peak hours grid load enabling fast charging services throughout charging stations.
- Deliver fast EV charging while ensuring zero C02 emissions.
- Standalone system that eliminates the need for costly grid upgrades.
- Compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles and their respective charging standards.
- Simplified installation, commissioning, and operation, supported by multiple communication options.
- Enables faster charging, heightened reliability, and enhanced safety measures.
- Capable of autonomous operation or remote control, maximizing convenience and manageability.